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Play Peekaboo with Missy's Toes in Her Sheer Toeless Pantyhose

"I love what happens to that bulge in your pants when I dangle my high heels and then let one slip off, revealing a peek of my naked toes. Is your boner starting to tremble and sputter? Aww. Good. Because I'm just getting started. I intend on turning you into a pathetic little puddle of drool at my pretty feet..." 5 minutes

Princess Missy, toe tease, foot tease, leg tease, toeless pantyhose...
Feb 4 2017
Princess Remi Cucks You in the Crotch of Her Dirty Pantyhose

"I just had the most amazing after-work fuck session with my boss. He did things to me you can't dream about, cuckybitch. We had some hot messy sex. But instead of cleaning up afterward? I decided to pull my pantyhose over the raunch and use my musky dirty panty-crotch to put you in your place and degrade you..." 7 minutes

Princess Remi, cuckold humiliation, sloppy seconds, dirty pantyhose...
Feb 1 2017
Remi Makes Mama's Boy Pull His Pathetic Widdle Peanut for Her

"Aww. Did you get humiliated again today? Did loser get his feelings hurt? Would you like to snuggle up with Remi's ample bosom while you tug on your tiny penis? Well you can't suck my titties, but I will let you suckle this tiny penis pacifier while you jerk your own baby peanut and make a cummie in your PJ bottoms for Remi..." 5 minutes

Princess Remi, mama's boy loser, baby talk mockery, jerk off taunts, cumcums...
Jan 29 2017
From Male Dom to Sissy: 50 Shades of Pink with Goddess Selena

"So, you think you can dominate Goddess Selena? You want to give Selena the '50 Shades' treatment? Okay, stud muffin. Go for it. But be warned. Only one of us is going to rule this relationship. And I intend on turning your closet-sissy, coward, bitch boy, wimp ass 50 Shades -- of Pink..." 15 minutes DOUBLE SESSION

Goddess Selena, male dom challenge, flipping you sissy, strap-on humiliation...
Jan 4 2017
Your New Year's Day Sniff and Lick Session with Princess Remi

"To kick off the New Year, I'm inviting all my girlfriends over for a workout. We're gonna get all pumped and bust a sweat while you pamper us like an obedient little slave boy. Then, when we're all drenched and panting, it's clean up time for you. Are you ready to be Princess Remi's dirty little sweat slut?..." 6 minutes

Princess Remi, hard body humiliation, workout sissy, sweat slut...
Jan 1 2017
Cruel Remi Cuckolds You in Panties While She Fucks Your Rival

"See these sissy panties? You're going to put them on and crawl under the bed while I seduce your rival. You're going to listen to me tease his cock into our bed and give me the hard fucking I deserve, right on top of you. And while he's fucking me? I want to hump and cream your punishment panties for Remi. All nite long…" 6 minutes

Princess Remi, cuckold humiliation, punishment panties, sissy creamies...
Dec 31 2016
Topless Missy Taunts You with Her Pantyhose-Shrouded Toes

"Take a good long look, loser. You'll NEVER get to do to me what my boyfriend does after I strip down to my pantyhose, but you can still be my playtoy. Want to suck my heels and kiss my toes while I bully you around? You know the deal. Get on your knees get that little dick out and start begging..." 3 minutes

Princess Missy, pantyhose princess, leg fetish, toe tease, foot worship...
Dec 29 2016
Bikini-Bitch Becky Sadistically Stripteases Your Caged Cock

"I love it when you're locked in chastity. I'm going to slip out of my bikini right in front of you and dangle my ass and tits and the key to your cage right in front of your cockcage. And you know what you're gonna do with that bruised-up, scrunched-up boner? Sputter inside your penis prison for Becky.…" 14 minutes

Princess Becky, bikini bitch, chastity torment, jerk taunts, sadistic tease and denial....
Dec 26 2016
Keyholder Selena Abuses Your Cock After Three Weeks in Chastity

"After I've had you locked in chastity for three weeks, you'd do ANYTHING to pop a boner for Selena. Well I'm going to free you from your penis prison today. But do you know what I'm going to do to you THEN, once I unlock that cockcage? You're about to find out, aren't you, jerky boy. Present your cock and balls to me. NOW..." 8 minutes

Goddess Selena, male chastity torment, CBT, relentless verbal humiliation, sissy...
Dec 23 2016
Princess Missy Dangles a Fishnet Footjob in Your Face

"If I dangled my high heels would you get a boner? If I kicked off my shoes and rubbed my feet together would you start to precum? What if I tickled my fishnet toes under your nose and giggled at your distress? I bet you'd cum in your pants for Missy. Wouldn't you. In a minute. Or less.…" 2 minutes

Princess Missy, shoe dangle, toe tease, fishnet footjob, snark, smirks...
Dec 20 2016
Princess Remi Edges You from Heel Sucking to Cock Sucking

"You suck on my stiletto heels with such enthusiasm. I think you're trying to confess something to Princess Remi. Like what you really want isn't just to suck on my steel-tipped heels. But that you truly deeply secretly want me to make you suck on a big black dick. Isn't that right, sissy face? Do I have to prove it to you?…" 6 minutes

Princess Remi, strap-on seduction, heel sucking to cock sucking...
Dec 17 2016
Princess Remi Turns You into Her Pantyhose Pervert Jerk Puppet

"I bet I could use my sexy stockinged legs to make you do anything, no matter how humiliating. Once I tease you into my Princess Remi pantyhose trance I'm so sure you'd pull a pair of my dirty white pantyhose over your face and sniff yourself crotch-drunk, just waiting for me to give you your jerkoff command…" 7 minutes

Princess Remi, leg tease, pantyhose trance, stocking slave, j/o commands...
Dec 14 2016
Tiffani and Becky Treat You Like Their Dirty Little Play Piglet

"It's oinky-snorty time for you, little miss piglet! Put on your pig snout and get on all fours for Princesses Becky and Tiffani, so we can put you thru a demeaning and degrading tease and denial session. If you make us laugh really hard with your grunts and squeals maybe we'll let you pull your little piggy tail for us Or not!…" 7 minutes

Princess Tiffani, Princess Becky, piggy play, tease and denial, laughing at you...
Dec 12 2016
Princess Missy Humiliates You on Your Wedding Night

"Hello, my darling. Do you like the bridal lingerie I picked out for you? I wanted to wear something to make you even crazier with lust for me. And now it's the big night you've been waiting for all this time. Can you imagine what it's going to feel like? Why don't you close your eyes while I spread my legs for you…" 9 minutes

Princess Missy, bratty bride, honeymoon humiliation, jerk off taunts...
Dec 9 2016
Your Sexy Boss Selena Lets You Worship Her Divine Legs

"Your little cock is stiff for me from the moment you get to work until the moment I send you home. I bet you fantasize about your gorgeous, sexy boss all day long. Can you imagine me letting you actually worship me? Get down on your knees and maybe your wimpy wussy daydreams will come true…" 2 minutes

Goddess Selena, sexy boss, office tease, leg worship...
Dec 6 2016
Princess Remi Turns You into Her Office Chastity Slave

I see you’ve been sneaking pix of me. Pervert. Unless you want me to tell on you, I’m in charge. Remi's rule number one is you have to wear this tight pink chastity cage. Rule number two? You’re gonna give me a big fat raise so I can buy even tighter tops, shorter skirts and higher heels for me to torment you with…" 7 minutes

Princess Remi, office blackmail, tease and denial, tit worship, chastity punishment...
Dec 3 2016
Princess Remi Gives You a Raunchy Post-Workout Reward

"Were you a good little house slave for me while I was doing my workout at the gym? Did you scrub my toilets and peel all my boyfriend's dirty condoms off the floor? Good. It's time for your reward. You get to worship me in my sweaty gym clothes. Come on along. Crawl up behind me and take a good long whiff..." 6 minutes

Princess Remi, house sissy, fit goddess, butt worship, verbal humiliation...
Dec 2 2016
Step-Domme Kendra Proposes a Love Lesson with a Cruel Twist - 2

"What's the matter? You didn't think I was going to let you fuck me, did you? Silly. You got it backwards. I'm going to give you a love lesson all right -- a long hard one -- on your back, with your ankles pulled over your head. Are you going to take it like a good girl? Or like a bad girl...?" 10 minutes, Part 2

Miss Kendra James, sadistic step-domme, role reversal, love lesson with a twist...
Nov 26 2016
Step-Domme Kendra Proposes a Love Lesson with a Cruel Twist - 1

"I know you're painfully inexperienced when it comes to sex, darling. Have you ever even been with a girl? I see the way you look at me around the house in my lingerie. Excited. Curious. And nervous too. Aren't you. So, come into my bedroom. Don't be afraid, the man of the house is gone. I've got you all to myself..." 10 minutes, Part 1

Miss Kendra James, sadistic step-domme, role reversal, love lesson with a twist...
Nov 25 2016
Your Intern Megan Uses Your Weaknesses to Take Control of You

"I could see through you the moment you interviewed me. All it took was a little look around your computer files to confirm my suspicions about you. Don't you know that I dress to push your little buttons? And now that I've played you right into the palm of my hand, it's time for me to turn you into my puppet on a string..." 11 minutes

Princess Megan, devilish intern, wimp boss, office tease, capitulation drills...
Nov 23 2016
Sex Lesson for Sissy: Princess Remi Makes You Cum Like a Girl

"You know don't think of you as man. So why would I let you cum like a man? I want you to put on a cute bra and panty set like the one I'm wearing, so you start feeling all girl and tingly and wet. And then I will take over from there. I'm going to train you to frig yourself with a vibrating cock and cum like a horny little fuckbrat..." 9 minutes

Princess Remi, sissy slut, fuckbrat, cock lust, sissy joi...
Nov 21 2016
Princess Remi Puts You Thru a Cuckold Humiliation Assignment

"While I'm out teasing cocks on the dance floor and deciding which stud is going to fuck me in this cute outfit you bought for me - guess what you're gonna do? You're going to follow the humiliating set of instructions I have prepared for you. If you're feeling humiliated now, watching me get ready? Just you wait.." 6 minutes

Princess Remi, shopping slave, cuckold degradation, humiliation assignment...
Nov 19 2016
How Low Would You Go To Worship Princess Missy's Pretty Toes?

"You'd do anything to be beneath my heels, wouldn't you, weakling, even if it meant risking getting your balls crushed. All for the chance to worship my pretty, fishnet-shrouded toes. Take a good look at what you can't have, wussy. I want to see the drool dripping off your chin and cock as you beg to be my foot slave.." 2 minutes

Princess Missy, bratty princess, foot slave, sadistic toe tease and denial...
Nov 16 2016
Your Devilish Co-Worker Kendra Seduces You into Submission

"I see you staring at my legs and ass all day long here at work. It amuses me. Do you know why my skirts have gotten shorter? Why my heels have gotten higher? Why the pantyhose and stockings I wear have gotten silkier, sheenier and more seductive? Crawl over here on your hands and knees, little man. And you'll find out..." 7 minutes

Mistress Kendra, office domination, leg worship, pantyhose fetish...
Nov 13 2016
Goddess Selena Wants Your Wimp Worship Puddle NOW

"I put on this outfit for one purpose. To snakecharm that little pecker out of your pants so that you stroke it and choke it like the helpless worship slave you are to me. You know your cumloads belong to me. Fuck your fist for Selena you pathetic wimp and show me who owns you right down to your worthless jizz..." 2 minutes

Goddess Selena, tease session, tit worship, worship strokes, cum taunts...
Nov 11 2016
Becky Demonstrates Naughty Sissy Punishment on Princess Tiffani

"What do we with to a whiny naughty little sissy bitch? You're about to experience it -- before we do it to YOU. Princess Tiffani assumes the position of the naughty sissy who gets spanked, trained to suck, pegged and finished off with a facial by Mean Girl Becky, as you get pointed at and laughed at all the way..." 8 minutes

Becky and Tiffani, sissy humiliation, spanking, cocksucking, pegging, sissy facial...
Nov 8 2016
Your Boss Akira Uses Your Pantyhose Perversion to Control You

"I see where your eyes go when I'm bossing you around the office. Now that I know all about your leg fetish and pantyhose perversion I can use it to manipulate and control you and your little cock too. That's right. I am going to use that weakness of yours to seduce you, edge you and destroy you..." 7 minutes

Cougar Akira, sexy cougar, dominant boss, leg worship, pantyhose fetish...
Nov 6 2016
Princess Missy Lets You Worship Her Amazing Latex-Clad Ass

"What's better for keeping you submissive and weak than a leash and tight collar around your dick and balls? My perfect ass in tight latex. I can feel you falling to your knees already, loser. Want to grind your nose into my cheeks? Want to be Missy's disposable ass wipe? Start begging and drooling..." 2 minutes

Princess Missy, butt tease, ass worship, taunting, denial...
Nov 3 2016
Your Girlfriend Koby Lee Dumps You to Become Your Step-Dommy

"The only reason I hooked up with you was to get closer to the rich, handsome real man of your house. I used you to seduce dada. And now, instead of your girlfriend, I'm gonna be your step-dommy. My tight hot pussy belongs to him. But don't cry. You can pump your piddles into this fake pussy, like a good lil mama's boy..." 7 minutes

Koby Lee, wicked girlfriend, step-dommy, fake pussy taunts...
Nov 1 2016
Princess Remi Destroys Your Date with Her Sexy Feet

"I heard something hilarious. Do you have a date tonight?! Well, that's too bad. Because I was going to let you worship my sexy feet after work. But I guess it would be pretty humiliating for you to go on your date with my feet smeared all over your face and a nasty hot load of Remi squirts in your pants, wouldn't it?..." 7 minutes

Princess Remi, office humiliation, leg tease, foot worship, cum taunts...
Oct 25 2016
Princess Remi Turns You into Her Panty-Wearing Sissy Slave

"My boyfriend wanted to beat you when I told him I let you into my bedroom, until I described you giving me pedicures, picking out my lingerie, and cleaning up his dirty condoms. He now knows you're not a man, just a sissy. He actually LIKES the idea of you being sissy servant to us both. But he has a few filthy stipulations..." 7 minutes

Princess Remi, schoolgirl humiliation memories, loser arousal, cum commands...
Oct 22 2016
Mean Girl Remi Bullied You Then, Dominates Your Wet Dreams Today

"I was so mean to you back in school. Do you remember all the nasty things I did to you? And what did you do? You became Remi's wussy for life. I bet you still cream your dork pants to the memory of me. Don't you. Prove it to me. I want you to pull out your little pecker and follow my humiliating cum commands right now..." 10 minutes

Princess Remi, schoolgirl humiliation memories, loser arousal, cum commands...
Oct 19 2016
Selena Emasculates Your Manhood As She Prepares for a Date

"Poor loser. While I'm making myself super hot for another guy all you get to do is stand in the corner of my powder room, twiddling your little dick, trying to sneak a lookie up my skirt. Pathetic? That would be a compliment for you. Just wait until I look you in the eye and put you firmly in your place..." 2 minutes

Goddess Selena, getting ready, cuckolding, makeup fetish, emasculation...
Oct 16 2016
Becky and Tiffani Grant You a Humiliating Charity 'Fuck' and BJ

"How hilarious would it be to watch you trying to fu-fu-fuck a hot girl or g-g-get a blowjob? You would be the number one comedy show. So, come on, you little choker. Here's your big chance! Wanna fuck Becky or get a BJ from Tiffani? Jiggle your hips and pound your pecker into that fake pussy as we laugh at you..." 7 minutes

Princess Becky, Princess Tiffani, sexually inexperienced loser, charity fuck, taunting
Oct 13 2016
Princess Missy Needs a Heel-Kissing Sock-Puppet Weakling

"What would you risk to be my heel-kissing sock puppet? I bet you'd risk losing everything, and all I'd have to do is put on my baby pink stilettos and knee socks. Like I'm gonna right now. And I'm sooo sure you'd do something totally stoopid to get just a tiny little kiss of my toes..." 3 minutes

Princess Missy, foot tease, heel sucker, sock puppet, toe kisses...
Oct 10 2016
Goddess Kendra Calls You Out for Being a Fist-Creaming Virgin

"Look at you. Timid virgin loser boy, Sitting there in front of your computer with your hand down your pants, too scared to make a play for a sexually ravenous woman like me. How pathetic. Okay, lonely virgin loser boy. I'll take pity on you, stoke your silly fetishes and let you worship me, as I mock and humiliate you all the way..." 7 minutes

Goddess Kendra, virgin loser humiliation, fetish arousal, mocking JOI...
Oct 8 2016
Cruel Amy Seduces Your Boss and Cuckolds You in Panties

"I invited your boss over to see if I could save your job. The good news for you is that he agreed not to fire you. The bad news for you is that he's the new man of the house -- and you're going to be wearing panties from now on. Sissy. Now get on your knees and start worshiping my feet, you sorry little loser..." 4 minutes

Goddess Amy, cuckold humiliation, sissification, panties, foot worship...
Oct 6 2016
Dr Selena Diagnoses Your Pathetic Little Pecker Problem

"Unzip your pants and present your little member to Dr Selena. I've diagnosed your penis problem. The reason you're feeble and flaccid with women isn't physiological, you little fibber. It's because you're a SISSY. Let's see what happens to that pathetic pecker when I put you into panties and send you to your knees..." 11 minutes

Goddess Selena, clinical humiliation, impotent sissy, panties, sissy sucking...
Oct 4 2016
Remi and Becky Ridicule and Mock Your Laughable Loser Package

"Becky was telling me how worthless, useless and tiny your pecker is. She even showed me the pink, baby-sized rubbers you keep on hand in case a woman takes mercy on you for a charity fuck. But I want to SEE your little cock for myself. I want you to unzip and show me just how riDICKulous you are..." 9 minutes

Princess Remi, Princess Becky, size comparison, super mean SPH, jerk taunts...
Oct 1 2016
Sorority Partygirl Missy Teaches Mr Authority Who's in Charge

"Did you really think you could stop me from partying at college? Is THAT why you came here to my sorority house -- to put your foot down with me? I guess I'm going to have to remind my little wussy who makes the rules in our relationship..." DOUBLE SESSION, 15 minutes

Princess Missy, sorority partygirl, naked taunting, dirty condom humiliation...
Sep 28 2016
How Bratty Heather Teased You Stiff for the Very First TIme

"Remember how I made your dweeby little dick stiff for me back in school? Do you remember the way I teased your baby boner, getting you all excited only to burst your little bubble and shame you like the sissy loser you will always be? You don't get to cum in my mouth, dork, but you can still keep jerking off to me..." 5 minutes

Bratty Princess Heather, bubble gum fetish, pecker shaming, jerk taunting...
Sep 25 2016
Your Sadistic Ex Kendra Considers Your Chastity Release Request

"It's not your day to drop off my alimony check. Are you trying to BRIBE me to release you from chastity? Is that why you're sweating and shaking? Let me see your blueballs. How long have I had you locked up now, a month? Why don't you crawl between my legs and start begging..." EXTENDED SESSION 15 minutes

Goddess Kendra, blackmailed cuckold, male chastity, edging, ruined orgasm...
Sep 22 2016
Selena Needs You to Help Her Seduce Her Sexy New Stud

"There's a hot young stud I have my eye on and you're going to help me seduce him. I want to see what my new dress and juicy lipgloss do to your little pecker before I make my play for his big delicious cock. So, come on, wussy. Get on your knees for goddess and unzip..." 2 minutes

Goddess Selena, pathetic cuckold, cockteasing, outfit testing, lip fetish...
Sep 20 2016
The Making and Breaking of Becky's Cuckold: Part 1

"I'm your bratty new bride. All you want to do is come home from work, pull down my tennis panties and make me scream. But all I do is I taunt you, breaking you down until you start begging for it. Only to find out that I'm totally into another guy -- and about to rub your wimp face in it..." 9 minutes, part one

Princess Becky, bratty bride, pussy taunting, cockteasing and denial, begging...
Sep 17 2016
You Are Princess Missy's Begging, Blubbering Office Foot Slave

"After a full day of taunting and teasing you at the office with my sexy legs and pretty feet, you end up on your knees, begging me to kick off my dangling heels, so I can stick my toes in your face and rub my fishnets up and down your crotch, sending you home to wifey with a big sticky mess in your undies..." 3 minutes

Princess Missy, office foot and leg worship, dangling heels, toe teasing, giggles...
Sep 15 2016
Your Ultimate Humiliation with Cruel Goddess Selena

"Remember when I gave you your very first facial? Sent you home with your own jizz slapped across your ugly face. Well now I'm gonna manipulate and mindfuck you to pump your little pindick for me all over again, until I command you to jerk a worship puddle -- straight into your mouth..." DOUBLE SESSION 16 minutes

Goddess Selena, mindfuck, worship strokes, JOI commands, forced facial...
Sep 13 2016
Cheerleader Koby Demonstrates She Still Owns Your Loser Ass

Our reunion is coming up. I bet you're dying to prove to me that you're no longer the sad little geek who creams his undies for me every night. Maybe I'll have to remind you about the time you stole one of my cheerleading socks. Or maybe I'll just humiliate you with the other sock. Cuz you're still a pathetic loser..." 6 minutes

Cheerleader Koby, reunion humiliation, loser degradation, putting u in your place...
Sep 10 2016
Princess Missy Lets Piggy Sneak Pussy Peeks up Her Sexy Shorts

"Piggy games are so much fun. I bet you'd do anything for a peek up the legs of my sexy shorts, wouldn't you? Wanna try to stick your snout up my shorts to get a tiny little peak at my pussy? Do it, loser. I love it when you're willing to debase yourself for my amusement. You know you're gonna end up kissing my ass...." 2 minutes

Princess Missy, desperation games, piggy sniffs, pussy tease, ass kissing...
Sep 7 2016
Becky and Tiffani Peel off Their Dirty Pantyhose to Humiliate You

"First we're gonna rub our shimmery legs and feet all over your face to get you hopelessly excited. Then? When you're all trembling and drooling and begging for a footjob between our twenty toes? That's when the fun starts. When we peel off our pantyhose to abuse and humiliate you. Silly pantyhose pervert...." 11 minutes

Princess Becky, Princess Tiffani, pantyhose torment, feet in face, degradation...
Sep 5 2016
Kendra Puppy Trains Her Naughty Young Boyfriends with Chastity

"See this chastity cage? I want you to think of it as your punishment crate. It's where I lock you when you disobey or displease your mistress. Good little puppies get playtime and special rewards. Disobedient little puppies get the punishment crate. Do you want a treat, little puppy? It's time for your obedience lesson..." 11 minutes

Goddess Kendra, puppy training, younger men, chastity cage, pussy worship...
Sep 3 2016
Worship Goddess Selena in Her Sexy Black Lingerie NOW Wussy

"Get down on your hands and knees, with your drool face and your dribbling cock and you demonstrate to me who owns you. Put your lips around my spike heel and show me how bad you want to be my little bitch. Kiss my ass like the unworthy slave you are. Beg to pump your worthless little pecker for me..." 2 minutes

Goddess Selena, dominant mistress, tease and denial, ass kissing, humbled slave...
Sep 2 2016




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