Submit NOW to your Humiliatrix Goddesses
You Will Quit the Dating Sites to Be Ashleigh's Chastity Puppet

"Why are you wasting time on those dating sites? You know you have zero chance of hooking up with someone as super-hot as me. So. Why don't you get real with yourself and devote yourself to your true destiny: being Princess Ashleigh's anonymous internet chastity puppet..." 4 minutes.

Princess Ashleigh, loser rejection, manipulative princess, goddess worship...
June 1 2019
Prove to Princess Remi That She Controls Your Pathetic Cumloads

"What a fist-creaming coward you are. Hiding behind your computer screen at, hoping for the cum command. You know you NEVER get my permission to ejaculate unless you are in the act of humiliating yourself, as I laugh at you. So, then. Take out your little cock and await my commands..." 6 minutes.

Princess Remi, cum control, humiliation assignment, jerk off commands...
May 27 2019
Princess Becky Catches You Jerking into Her Bikini Bottoms

"WHAT are you doing in my room, dork!? Why are my panty bottoms scattered all over? And what the fuck were you about to do with my body lotion? EEEW! Gross! You disgusting little reject! Now you're going to finish what you started as I stand here and laugh at you and taunt you. Do it. NOW!..." 8 minutes

Princess Becky, caught jerking, bikini bitch, boner cream, panty fetish, jerk taunts..
May 22 2019
Princess Tiffani Teases Your Tiny Cock Stiff Merely to Humiliate You

"Have you ever imagined your trembling, sputtering cock between my luscious lips? Do you dream of me licking and sucking it, the way I do for my alpha stud boyfriend? Then why don't you unzip for Princess Tiffani. I promise not to laugh in your face when you show me what you've got..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, blow job tease, tiny penis reveal, size comparison, SPH, JOI...
May 17 2019
You Are Goddess Vika's Plugged & Pantyhosed Office Sissy

"As your new boss, I need to put you firmly in your place. First I'm going to ram a reminder of who makes the rules in this office, straight up your ass. You're going to wear a butt plug to work, encased by these high-waisted pantyhose. And if I ever catch you leering at my long sexy legs...?" 15 minutes DOUBLE SESSION

Goddess Vika, office humiliation, sissy slave, dominant female boss...
May 12 2019
Goddess Tessa Uses and Abuses You as Her Cucky Playtoy

"My fiancee wanted us to adopt a little pet but I told him I already have a docile little playtoy of a pet, who sleeps at the foot of my bed, begs, heels, and obeys all my commands. So. Are you ready to serve your new master and mistress? He's a very strict disciplinarian, so you'll have to work hard to please him..." 4 minutes

Goddess Tessa, cuckolded wussy, tease and denial, master and mistress, pet...
May 8 2019
Princess Ashleigh Demands You Do a Goddess Worship Assignment

"I want you addicted to my beauty. I want you crippled by my commands. I want you up all night tonite, watching every one of my devastating videos. Over and over. So that you wake up a sleep-deprived, Ashleigh-obsessed wreck. With blueballs and a tiny throbbing cock. And then do you know what you're going to do...?" 3 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, goddess worship, weakling manipulation, sadistic assignment...
May 3 2019
Hump Your Filthy Scuzzy Pillow as Mean Princess Mylee Mocks You

"You are sooo disgusting! You look like a dork, act like a dope and you smell like a filthy jizz puddle. Yick. What a pathetic pervert you are. Why don't you pretend you're fucking my tits and hump your pillow while I laugh at you and humiliate you? I bet you won't last even two minutes, pillow fucker..." 2 minutes

Princess Mylee, pillow humper humiliation, titty tease, jerk taunts, cum baiting...
Apr 28 2019
Wussy Begs to Worship Princess Natalia's Perfect Ass & Sexy Feet

"It's funny to think I once considered hooking up with you. Until I got to know you. Your wimp-ass personality. Your tiny cock. Now I just use you. To worship my feet and kiss my ass. To get me wet. Before my boyfriend comes over. That's all you get, wussy. You can jerk into your fist while he's fucking me..." 10 minutes

Princess Natalia, cockteasing, ass kissing, foot worship, Wussy tease and denial...
Apr 24 2019
How Princess Becky 'Booby Traps' Wimpy Weaklings Like You

"All it takes is a push-up bra, a low-cut blouse and the chance of a nip slip to get the drool spilling down your face and the pre-cum sputtering in your pants. It's time to put you into the titty trance, little man. Because once Princess Becky booby traps you, I can do anything I want with you..." 13 minutes

Princess Becky, titty teasing, boob worship, cockteasing, jerkoff instructions...
Apr 20 2019
Miss Kendra Makes You Cum Before Spanking You Over Her Knee

"I warned you that there would be severe consequences if I ever caught you with my panties again. And look at you! Caught red handed! You're getting spanked, panty pervert. But before I punish you across my knee, you're going to rid yourself of every drop of filth as I chastise and shame you..." 9 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, caught with panties, scolding, spanking, JOI...
Apr 16 2019
On Your Knees to Worship Princess Remi's Boots, Feet and Ass

"Get down on your hands and knees, wussy. I'm giving you the privilege of worshiping the bottom half of Princess Remi, from the bottom of my boots, to my silk-shrouded toes, all the way up my sexy legs to the precipice of my perfect ass. I expect to hear lots of begging and pleading along the way..." 9 minutes

Princess Remi, boot fetish, foot worship, ass kisser, tease and denial...
Apr 12 2019
Princess Tiffani Spits Her Boyfriend's Cumload Down Your Throat

"Would you like a kiss from Princess Tiffani? On the lips? You would? Close your eyes... HA HA! You ridiculous little dreamer. The only way I'd French kiss a loser like you is if I was swishing around a fresh hot load of my alpha boyfriend's cum in my mouth. Lucky for you, he's coming over for a blow job. Right now..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, lip fetish, blow job tease, fuck faced loser, cum swallowing...
Apr 8 2019
Doctor Vika Re-Addicts You to Your Most Crippling Compulsions

"I have decided to take over as your therapist. Rather than cure you, I intend on making your most embarrasing fetishes even more crippling, until all Dr Vika has to do is snap my fingers to turn you into my puppet. As helpless as the high heeled shoe dangling from the open-toe of my exquisitely stockinged foot..." 15 minutes

Doctor Vika, sadistic therapist, fetish manipulation, stocking tease, foot worship...
Apr 4 2019
Your Cruel Young Boss Erin Cuckold Humiliates You in Her Bedroom

"You don't get to fuck me. I brought you into my bedroom just to humiliate you more severely than I do at work; to strip you of your manhood completely and make you swallow your pride. Power makes my pussy wet. And I've got all the power in this relationship. As you are about to learn. Open your mouth..." 6 minutes

Princess Erin, tease and denial, office cuckold, dirty condom humiliation...
Mar 31 2019
Goddess Rhianna Locks Her Sissy into Permanent Chastity

"If you wish to serve as Goddess Rhianna's personal sissy slave, you're going into chastity. Permanently. You can beg to dispense with that little erection of yours -- into your dog dish, before I lock you into your penis prison. Forever. All right, sissy slave. You may begin begging Goddess for your final release..." 7 minutes

Goddess Rhianna, dominatrix worship, sissy servitude, male chastity...
Mar 27 2019
Load Your Loser DNA into Princess Mylee's Dirty Bikini Bottoms

"Once I tease your DNA into my dirty bikini bottoms? I'll control you completely. I'll be able to destroy you. So, if you were smart, you'd resist me. But I have a feeling once I start teasing you with my jiggle tits and ass? That you'll weaken, stiffen, and incriminate yourself into my panty bottoms..." 5 minutes

Princess Mylee, boob worship, titty teasing, panty incrimination...
Mar 23 2019
You Are Princess Ashleigh's Helplessly Addicted Jerk Puppet

"Your ejaculations are like the droppings of a disgusting little animal. Which is why I keep you locked in chastity. For the few minutes each month I let you out of your cage, you can't help but paw at yourself, can you, puppet? The meaner I am to you, the more you yearn to demonstrate your helpless devotion to me...." 7 minutes

Cruel Princess Ashleigh, goddess worship, tease and arousal, jerk taunting...
Mar 19 2019
Sadistic Princess Natalia Trashtalks Your Tiny Cock to Her Girlfriends

"Have you ever wondered how the women you've dated talk about your useless little dick behind your back? You're about to find out. Straight to your face. I'm going to dump you for having a ridiculous little dick and then describe your tiny manhood in humiliating detail to my girlfriends. Fucking loser..." 4 minutes

Introducing Goddess Natalia, SPH, breakup humiliation, small penis...
Mar 15 2019
Jizz Your Face for Princess Becky with Your Mouth Wide Open

"You came to Humiliatrix hoping one of the Princesses would have mercy on you and let you cum? Okay, dumb dumb. Get on your back, arch your back and pull down your shame panties for Princess Becky. You're going to fuck your own face and swallow it, exactly the way I instruct you to..." 9 minutes

Princess Becky, JOI, cum facial, jizz swallowing, point and laughing at you...
Mar 11 2019
Bikini Goddess Tessa Teases You Stiff, Stuttering and Sputtering

"Your desperation boners are a source of amusement to me -- and not merely because they're so tiny. All I have to do is mentally program you with the image of me in my bikini it's like I've got you on puppet strings. So. Here you go little mister puppet pants. Take a look at me in my bikini, and repeat after me: ..." 3 minutes

Goddess Tessa, bikini tease, arousal and denial, call and response...
Mar 7 2019
Goddess Vika Crushes Your Package & Penetrates You with Her Heel

"As you hear the click-clack of my high heels approaching you drop down to your hands and knees, anticipating your punishment. When you see that I'm wearing my five-inch stilettos, you know I'm going to destroy you. Pull down your pants. I'm gonna crush your package and peg your little asshole with my heel..." 14 minutes

Goddess Vika, amazon worship, upskirt tease, high heel humiliation, CBT...
Mar 3 2019
Your Bratty Boss Erin Locks Your Cock & Sends You to Your Knees

"I'm your boss now. And if you resent working beneath a dominant young woman? You can quit. Otherwise? If you want to work under me, you're going into chastity -- to keep your disgusting little worm where it belongs as you're worshiping my feet and doing all the other degrading tasks I have planned for you..." 7 minutes

Humiliatrix Erin, sadistic young boss, male chastity, foot worship, office humiliation
Feb 28 2019
Tiffani Cucky-Fucks You Until You Swallow Her Boyfriend's Cum

You know the rules, cucky. Every time your alpha male rival finishes fucking me, I pin you to the bed and fuck YOU -- with my strap-on. And if you spurt out a pathetic little cuckyload while I'm fucking you? You have to swallow your rivals's entire jizzload, straight from his massive condom. As I giggle at you while you gag..." 4 minutes

Princess Tiffani, cucky humiliation, strap-on punishment, cum swallowing...
Feb 25 2019
Mistress Kendra Puts You thru an Emasculating Panty Punishment

"Admit it. You're nothing but a sputtering, stuttering, secretive panty pervert. It's time for you to come clean and confront your panty perversion. I'm going to put you deep into a panty trance and then send you on a panty punishment assignment designed to embarrass and humiliate you into total panty submission. To me..." 13 minutes

Mistress Kendra, humiliated panty pervert, panty trance, public punishment...
Feb 21 2019
Princess Mylee Replaces Your Laughable Little Dick with Sex Toys

"Your penis is so pathetic, so underwhelming, so utterly useless, I bet I could cum with a squishy sex toy rather than your lifeless limp dick. You're gonna watch me make myself wet as I mock and humiliate your manhood. You can drool and pinch your laughable little package as I tease and deny you..." 4 minutes

Princess Mylee, loser rejection, sex toy taunting, tease and denial, SPH...
Feb 17 2019
Cum Commander Brooke Crops Your Cock and Balls into Obedience

"Put that pecker of yours on display for your Cum Commander. Now! I want that soldier standing at full attention for me. Look at you, fumble-fingered wussy. Do I need to take my boots to your crotch? Cum Commander Brooke is going to train you to cum like a man if I have to whip your balls black and blue to do it!..." 5 minutes

Cum Commander Brooke, drill instructor, degradation, jerk off instructions...
Feb 13 2019
Becky Puts Rejected Loser into Shame Panties for Valentine's Day

"Did your Valentine's date reject you? Did she send you home sniffling back the tears and feeling sowwy for yourself? Aww. Poor crybaby loser. Why don't you slip into a pair of sissy reject panties for Princess Becky. You can have a good cry, suck your thumb, and cream your panties with consolation cummies for Becky..." 7 minutes

Princess Becky, rejected loser, crybaby, humiliation panties, consolation cream...
Feb 10 2019
Princess Ashleigh Teases Your Caged Cock in Three Sexy Outfits

"Just to make your blueballs ache even worse, I decided to stage a fashion show -- in your face. I'm going to preen, prance and do a jiggle dance to increase the pain inside your pants. HA HA! Tell me, droolyface, which of my devastating looks makes your penis prison hurt the worst? Let's find out, shall we...?" 3 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, merciless cocktease, penis prison fashion show, male chastity...
Feb 6 2019
Princess Remi Locks You in Chastity 13 Days Before Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day is in 13 days. So I'm locking your sputtering little cock into chastity. I want that worship snot to build up in your blueballs until you are willing to do ANYTHING. No matter how humiliating. No matter how degrading. No matter how insane. Just to win your release, the night before Valentine's Day..." 6 minutes

Princess Remi, 13 days of denial, male chastity, valentine's day, cocklock...
Feb 2 2019
Snarky Sadist Isobel Slaps, Flicks and Pinches Your Pathetic Penis

"I don't think you realize just how feeble and pathetic you are. I think you need to have your pants pulled down. I think you need me to put on some elbow-length black latex gloves so that I can twist and torment your worthless little weenis, as I verbally destroy you. Yep. I think that's exactly what you need. Dweeb..." 7 minutes

Princess Isobel, thigh boots, gloves, sadistic CBT, verbal humiliation...
Jan 28 2019
Humiliating You Makes Goddess Vika's Pussy Wet for Her Boyfriend

"I bet my spike heel dwarfs the size of your dick. Let's compare. Feeble little dweeb. Then you can pull my crotchless panties over your face and jerk for me. Because humiliating you makes my pussy wet. For my boyfriend. Does that sting? Aww. You can fill my panties with your worship goo while I ride his big thick cock.." 12 minutes

Goddess Vika, cock comparison, high heel humiliation, panty sniffing, Cuck JOI...
Jan 24 2019
Merciless Tease & Denial Session with Bratty Princess Mylee

"I'm gonna jiggle my boobs in your face and then snap my bra straps shut when your cock starts to tremble and throb. You get nothing. Nothing but jiggle tits, pussy taunts, a faceful of ass and a fistfull of precum. Nothing more. Not for you. Because teasing and denying is exactly what you deserve..." 5 minutes

Princess Mylee, titty teasing, pussy taunting, ass flaunting, sneering at you...
Jan 20 2019
Becky Punishes Her Bathroom Slave with a Mouthful Full of Cum

"I give you the privilege of being my bathroom slave and you can't even keep my toilet bowl spotless? Imbecile. I should shove your face into a pool of my piss and make you tongue-clean that toilet! You know what? Get on your knees, idiot. Close your eyes and open your mouth. Wider!..." 9 minutes

Princess Becky, toilet slave, piss face, dirty condom disposal, cum swallowing...
Jan 16 2019
Princess Tiffani Emasculates Your Tiny Penis in Her Panties

"Aha! I knew it! You stole my panties! You pathetic little dweeb. So. What were about to do with my panties? Hmm? I want to see it. Were you gonna pull them over your face and sniff them? Were you gonna pull them over that tiny trembling penis of yours and squirt into them? Show me, loser. NOW...." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, caught jerking, panty thief, JOI humiliation
Jan 12 2019
Sadistic Princess Asheigh Cages Your Cock to Tease & Deny You

"Why am I wearing this sexy lingerie? Why did I permit you into my bedroom? I want to make your cock ache. Make your heart break. I want to see the desperation in your eyes and the drool streaming down your ugly face. Is your penis prison locked tight? Good. Then it's time for you to worship your sadistic goddess..." 2 minutes

Sadistic Princess Ashleigh, chastity, goddess worship, merciless tease and denial
Jan 8 2019
Your Dominant Young Boss Remi Demotes You to Office Foot Slave

"I should probably just fire you, as disposible as you are. But instead I'm going to demote you. Keep you around. For my amusement. You can quit. But I think you're going to stay. Even though I intend on degrading you. Every day. You're going to be my foot slave. Do a good job and I'll let you make me a worship piddle..." 8 minutes

Corporate Diva Remi, office humiliation, verbal lasceration, foot worship, JOI
Jan 4 2019
Yoga for Submissive Sissies with Dominant Goddess Rhianna

"A proper submissive sissy is always ready to assume a position of acquiescence to Mistress or Master. It's not enough to strip off your shame panties and present your bottom for the strap-on or a spanking. You must be able to sustain your punishment position until your disciplinarian is satisfied. You need to practice..." 5 minutes

Goddess Rhianna returns, yoga for sissies, punishment positions...
Jan 1 2019
Mistress Kendra Stokes Your Shameful Desire to Be Her Cuckold

"You lust to be my cuckold. To cower in the closet watching me get fucked by a real man, afraid of getting caught, knowing that I'm going to humiliate you after he finishes. It makes you ashamed and excited at the same time. Take out your cock right now, stroke it, and beg to be Mistress Kendra's cuckold..." 11 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, cuckold humiliation, goddess worship, JOI...
Dec 28 2018
Humiliation Assignment: Goddess Tessa Puts Pigpen in His Place

"You disgust me. Calling you a pig would be a compliment. Piggies are cute. Pigpens like you are repugnant. I've prepared a humiliation assignment just for you, pigpen, to underscore how filthy and undesirable you aree. You will follow my exact instructions. Prepare to be severely degraded..." 4 minutes

Goddess Tessa, humiliation assignment, pigpen degradation, lipstick smears...
Dec 24 2018
What Vika Truly Thinks About Poseurs with Pathetic Little Penises

"Look at you. All talk and no action where it counts. When I unzip your pants and run my long nails along your crotch? Feeble. Pathetic. That's what you are. If that worthless little boner is the best you can do for Goddess Vika, you might as well raise your hips and spunk all over your face..." 9 minutes

Goddess Vika, small penis truth session, CBT, long nail emasculation, sissy facial...
Dec 21 2018
Mean Princess Mylee Taunts Your Tiny Cock with Her Big Boobs

"Look at my womanhood compared to your tiny manhood. I'm ALL woman, loser. Even if I let you fuck my luscious tits, your puny little pecker would get lost. Why don't you pinch your peanut while I taunt you with my tits -- and laugh at you as try to fuck your fist. Little dicky loser boy..." 6 minutes

Princess Mylee, big boob worship, SPH, titty taunts, tiny cock teasing, JOI...
Dec 18 2018
Cruel Becky Destroys Your Date with a Pair of Pink Frilly Panties

"I heard you have a date tonight! Does she know you're secretly submissive? Does she know all about your embarrasing fetish for lacy girlie panties? If you don't want Becky to tell her EVERYTHING, then you have to wear these sissy panties on your date with her tonight. After you do a dance for me in your panties..." 10 minutes

Princess Becky, embarrassment arousal, panty humiliation, sissy exposure...
Dec 14 2018
Princess Tiffani Lets Crybaby Cum into Her Man's Massive Condom

"Aww! We're you crying while my new boyfriend was fucking me last night? Poor crybaby! Too bad you're too tiny to please Princess. OMG, look how huge my new man's condom is next to your itty bitty winky! Wouldn't you love to be massive like him? Why don't you drape his condom over your peepee -- and pretend..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, SPH, tiny pecker tease, baby talk, consolation cummies, JOI
Dec 10 2018
Princess Remi Degrades and Humiliates You Until You Cum for Her

"How would you like to play with Princess Remi tonight? If you say 'yes,' you know what I'm going to do to you, don't you? I'm going to degrade you and humiliate you. I'm gonna make you do filthy, disgusting things. Until you lose control. And cum for me. While I laugh at you. Like the weak, pathetic loser you are..." 9 minutes

Princess Remi, loser abuse, foot fetish arousal, jerk tease, cum commands...
Dec 6 2018
Princess Ashleigh Drains Your Wallet to Tease Your Rival's Cock

"You know that super-expensive lingerie you bought me? I want to model it for you. To see how excited it makes you. To help me decide whether to use it tonight -- to seduce your rival into bed with me. Aww. You didn't think I was going to let you into my bed, did you, silly? Just because you drained your wallet on me?..." 3 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, cocktease and denial, outfit tester, pay piggy, cucked loser...
Dec 2 2018
Tongue-Polish Goddess Vika's Open-Toe Boots as She Lacerates u

"Get down on your hands and knees like the lowly shitstain you are and do something useful with yourself: tongue-polish my boots. And look me when the eye when you do it, to prove to me you know your place: at my feet, beneath the bed, like the worthless, low-life worm you are..." 9 minutes

Goddess Vika, foot worship, boot slave, tongue polishing, verbal laceration...
Nov 29 2018
You Will Make a Humiliation Video for Goddess Tessa's Amusement

"It's not enough that you serve me. I want you to prove you'll do anything for me, no matter how humiliating. You're going to make a video of yourself doing the most embarrassing thing you can think of. Something to destroy you -- if anyone saw it but me. Make me laugh at you. Impress me, with how pathetic you are..." 4 minutes

Goddess Tessa, humiliation assignment, self-incrimination, loser embarrassment..
Nov 24 2018
Becky Pins You Down for a Real-Time Ride on Her Strap-on Cock

"You've always wondered what it would be like to be my sissy fucktoy. To be stripped and pinned to the bed for a pegging with my strap-on cock. Well, I'm taking your sissy cherry tonight. You're going to lube it with your drool and then I'm going to taunt your manhood for ten minutes straight as I fuck you. Hard..." 10 minutes

Princess Becky, strap-on humiliation, pegged sissy, verbal humiliation...
Nov 20 2018
Princess Sasha Gives Little Mr Peanut a Humiliating Charity Fuck

"My girlfriends at Humiliatrix told me how clumsy and clueless and tiny and hopeless you are when it comes to having sex with a woman. So I'm gonna let you slip a condom over your little peanut dick and fuck me. You've got one chance, loser. So don't make me have to strip the condom off you and humiliate you...." 5 minutes

Princess Sasha, cockteasing, charity fuck taunting, small penis humiliation...
Nov 16 2018
Princess Tiffani 'Loses' the Key to Your Chastity Cage

"Oopsie! I can't find the key to your little pink cock cage. I don't know where I might have put it. Why don't you help me look: down my cleavage, under my skirt, dangling from my ankle... Uh oh! I think I might have left it in the lingerie store! Dropped it by 'accident' into a frilly pair of panties. Guess you'll have to go find it..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, chastity torment, panty humiliation, public punishment, JOI...
Nov 12 2018
Mistress Kendra Cages Your Cock and Breaks Your Spirit

"I like my slaves to be feisty, with a little fight in them. I enjoy the challenge of breaking a willful submissive. It's all the more pleasureable for me to break you down -- break your body and spirit, so that I can cage your cock, discipline you, punish you, and do with you whatever Mistress pleases. ..." 9 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, male chastity, pony boy training, total cock control...
Nov 8 2018
Goddess Vika Teases and Tortures Your Pathetic Little Pigtail

"You pathetic little piglet. Look at you. Drooling over your goddess. If you want to spit out the pigsnot for Goddess Vika you're going to have to suffer for it. Put your pigtail on display for me. So I that I can flick it, twist it, spank it. Then I will consider letting piggy make me a worship puddle..." DOUBLE SESSION 15 minutes

Goddess Vika, piggy punishment, body worship, CBT, cum commands...
Nov 3 2018
Cum Commander Remi Humiliates the Pillowhumper with Panties

"You're so sorry, you can't even jerk off like a man. Piddling your pillow with your pathetic little penis squirts every night. Strip your pants down NOW because Cum Commander Remi is going to train you to jerk your cock. And if you fail? You're going home wearing nothing but a pair of frilly pink panties..." 9 minutes

Princess Remi, pillow humper, verbal humiliation, SPH, JOI, panty punishment...
Oct 29 2018
Princess Ashleigh Coaxes You into Swallowing Her Boyfriend's Cum

"My boyfriend found out about you! I tried to tell him that you're not a man to me, just my sissy slave. But he's going to beat you up -- unless you prove to him that you truly are a wussy and he's your superior. Why don't we make a video of you on your knees, calling him 'sir.' As you choke down his massive cumload..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, dominant diva, alpha male intimidation, CEI, shame video...
Oct 24 2018
Your Sadistic Boss Becky Takes Pleasure in Punishing You

"As your boss, I control you. Your time, your thoughts, the measly amount of money I drop into your bank account. I own you, puppet. Right down to your little dick and balls. And tonight? I'm going to humiliate you in my office. Just for fun. To teach you a lesson. Punish you. And remind you who your boss is..." 12 minutes

Princess Becky, dominant young boss, cock control, sadistic JOI, CEI...
Oct 19 2018
Princess Tiffani Trains You to Be a Cocksucking Sissy Maid Fucktoy

"Being a properly-trained sissy maid means more than learning to tongue-polish high heeled shoes. It's being ready, willing and skilled as a fucktoy-on-command for the pleasure of your mistress and her men. Good sissy maids know how to suck and swallow without mussing their makeup or dribbling a drop of cum..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, sissy maid training, sucking and swallowing, cum slut...
Oct 15 2018
Tessa Uses Her Long Nails to Subdue You into Servitude

"I keep my nails long to make you weak for me. While you're dreaming and drooling over my pretty hands and sexy fingertips, be a good slave for Tessa and pay for my manicure. If you drain your wallet on my wishlist I might even let you pick the color I use to torment you..." 4 minutes BECOME TESSA'S MANICURE SLAVE

Goddess Tessa, nail fetish, manicure slave, tease and denial, findom...
Oct 11 2018
Trina and Sasha Want to See Just How Pathetic Your Little Penis Is

"We bet your penis is just like you: useless, worthless and ridiculous. Prove us wrong. Pull your pants down and put your 'manhood' on display for us. We'll even try to tease it stiff so you can really impress us. But if you don't impress us? We're going to humiliate the fuck out of you and that little dick of yours..." 5 minutes

Princess Sasha, Princess Trina, SPH, small penis humiliation, JOI humiliation...
Oct 7 2018
Goddess Vika Mercilessly Teases Her Helpless Chastity Puppet

"The only thing more amusing than coaxing you into chastity is watching you weaken, crack and break down completely as I tease and torment your bursting little blueballs. You wouldn't last five minutes under interrogation, would you? Pathetic. Maybe if you humiliate yourself completely, I'll have mercy on you. ..." 6 minutes

Goddess Vika, chastity torment, merciless tease and denial...
Oct 3 2018
Bikini Goddess Remi Catches You Jerking and Humiliates You for It

"I knew it! I knew you were spying on my girlfriends and me with your hand down your pants, you little pervert. Well, since you like jerking off to bikini girls so much, why don't you show me what you were about to do. I'm gonna make a humiliation video of you jerking your tiny pecker to show all my girlfriends..." 6 minutes

Princess Remi, bikini goddess, caught jerking, small penis humiliation, JOI...
Sep 29 2018
Incriminate Yourself into Bratty Becky's Cute Lacy Undies

"It's time to get weak and drooly for Becky! I'm gonna tease you stiff and sputtering out the stupid sauce for me -- with one of my ankle socks stuffed in your mouth and my panties pulled over your face. You're gonna jiggle your jerkstick and cream your dirty DNA into my undies, so I can use your spooge to destroy you..." 10 minutes

Bratty Becky, sock sniffing, panty pervert, dirty DNA extortion, jerk-off instructions...
Sep 25 2018
Ashleigh Uses Her Legs to Help Your Rival Beat You in Business

"I heard you have a big business deal in the works. With my boyfriend. I thought I'd come to your office to see if I could 'help.' You should probably concentrate on that contract instead of drooling over my legs and ass. You wouldn't want your rival to get the best of you. Only a pathetic little weakling would do that..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, leg tease, ass worship, office humiliation...
Sep 21 2018
Your CEO Wife Kendra Humiliates You with a Half-Hearted Handjob

"It's the morning of my executive promotion and you're in bed with a boner? I'm glad you think I look sexy in my stockings and heels, but a quickie is out of the question. And BJs are for winners, like my big boss. Unemployed losers get to jiggle-jerk into their pajama bottoms -- after they clean house and do the laundry..." 9 minutes

Miss Kendra James, power wife, cockteasing, cuck taunts, handjob humiliation...
Sep 17 2018
Princess Tiffani Teaches You the A-B-Cs of Sucking & Swallowing

"Are you afraid of the Big Bad Cock? Aw! Princess Tiffani's gonna teach you to suck and swallow like a good little sissy. We'll start with one of my swollen nipples, then I'll graduate you to a penis pacifier, then a baba filled with cum-cums, until you prove to Tiffani you're ready to suck a big thick cock. And swallow. Yum-yum!..." 8 minutes

Princess Tiffani, sissy training, cocksucking lesson, CEI, SPH....
Sep 13 2018
Bratty Brooke Bullied You Back Then and Still Owns You Now

"Remember the first time I flashed my ass in your face and humiliated you? I know you still jerk your pathetic little pecker to the memory of me bullying you. And now I'm about to make you relive those days all over again. Dweeb. Loser. Because Bratty Princess Brooke still owns you. And always will..." 13 minutes

Bratty Princess Brooke, school daze humiliation, ass teasing, jerk taunting...
Sep 9 2018
Goddess Tessa's Rules for Foot Slave Wanna-Bes Like You

"You can't stop staring down at my feet. That's good. Because 'down at my feet' is exactly where you belong. If you want to be my foot slave, there are some rules you have to follow. Most of these rules involve you being degraded and humiliated. So. Are you ready to drop to your knees for Goddess Tessa...?" 4 minutes

Goddess Tessa, foot slave, high heel worship, pedicure tease, shoe-miliation...
Sep 5 2018
Russian Tennis Goddess Vika Destroys Your Dreams

"Your fan letters amuse me. Since you seem to think there's a chance a Russian tennis goddess like me might be attracted to a drooling, stuttering, fist-fucking little creep like you, I thought I'd respond to your latest love letter directly. Watch the preview video for a very special message. Just for you..." 11 minutes

Cruel Vika, tennis goddess worship, loser rejection, sexual degradation...
Sep 1 2018
Princess Remi Promises to Let You Make a Worship Puddle

"You've been such a good shopping slave, lavishing me with everything I want. And now for your reward all you want is to drop to your knees, praise Princess Remi, and pump your throbbing little penis for me, until give you the cum command and let you make a mercy squirt. Is that what you want?..." 7 minutes

Princess Remi, shopping slave, mercy squirt, worship puddle, sadistic tease and...
Aug 28 2018
Bella Fucks Your Boss and Demotes You to Sissy Cuckold Status

"You just don't do it for me as a man. So I hooked up with your boss. He gave me the good hard fucking I've been wanting. Don't cry, loser. I'm still keeping you around. To take me shopping and help me tease his big boss cock. You'll be wearing panties and swallowing all the cumloads from his massive condoms..." 6 minutes

Princess Bella, rejection humiliation, cuckold punishment, panties, CEI...
Aug 24 2018
You Are Princess Ashleigh's Crawling, Grunting, Ass-Kissing Piggy

"Who's my little piggy? We're about to find out. When I wear my skin-tight shimmery short-shorts it gives you a bad case of the piggy snort-snorts, doesn't it? HA HA! I luv it when you crawl and grunt for Ashleigh, knowing that demeaning yourself only makes me meaner to you, piggy poo..." 4 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, merciless tease and denial, ass worship, piggy taunts...
Aug 20 2018
Russian Goddess Vika Emasculates You into Permanent Chastity

"My intimidating Russian beauty weakens pathetic little men like you. I am going to infiltrate your most humiliating sexual secrets until you capitulate to Vika, finding yourself locked helplessly into permanent chastity. Eager to emasculate yourself. Ready to concede all power to me: your Superior Russian Goddess..." 14 minutes

Russian Goddess Vika, sexual infiltration, permanent chastity, emasculation...
Aug 15 2018
Butch Becky Overpowers You into Sissy Maid Submission to Her

"If you're such a wuss that I have to be the man in this relationship? If I have to fix the cars and rip out the plumbing? You're gonna be my sissy maid, bringing me beers in your daintly high heels and getting down on your knees to clean my dirty boots, unzip my filthy jeans and lick my sweaty snatch until I cum in your mouth..." 8 minutes

Princess Becky, role reversal, sissy maid, boot worship, oral servitude...
Aug 11 2018
Princess Tiffani Slaps Bitch Boy with a Faceful of Gooey Hot Cum

"Remember when you were a semi-normal dweeb? Before I teased you into panties? Before I bullied you into plugging your ass? Before you swallowed your first mouthful of jizz for me? Now I've got you so totally warped you can't cum unless you're being severely degraded. As I'm about to do to you. Right now..." 8 minutes

Princess Tiffani, boot goddess, cum facial, jerk-off commands, joi, pinky pulls...
Aug 8 2018
Goddess Tessa Punishes You for Being a Sloppy Sissy Cuckold

"I know you seethe with jealousy when your alpha male rival is in my bedroom. Too bad. He's the man in my life. You are nothing but the sissy who serves me. When your superior leaves a deposit of 'jealousy juice' for you on my bathroom floor? You are to dispose of it properly. Or I will use it to humiliate you..." 4 minutes

Goddess Tessa, cuckold humiliation, punishment, jealousy juice, condom cleanup...
Aug 4 2018
Dr Kendra Helps You with Your Crippling Submissive Weaknesses

"You came to me seeking confidence with women. To help you, as your therapist, I want to explore this with you. Why do you think it is that powerful women in high heels, stockings, and perfectly pedicured feet make you so incredibly helplessly weak? Hmm? Let's explore this in depth. Together. Right now..." 10 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, sadistic therapist, fetish exploration, foot tease...
Jul 31 2018
You Are Fucked: Princess Remi Knows Your Most Humiliating Secret

"I know a secret. Your secret. Your most shameful, embarrassing secret. So. We can do this one of two ways: You can admit the truth or pay the consequences. Either way, you're fucked. In every sense of the word. What's it gonna be? Hmm, bitch boy? How would you like to take your punishment..." 7 minutes

Princess Remi, strap-on ultimatum, mindfuckery, bitch boy, consequences...
Jul 26 2018
Goddess Vika Compares Your Puny Little Penis to a Big Thick Cock

"Let's compare your little penis to the kind of cocks that excite me. Look at this big thick cock. Then let's look at yours. Show me. Let's see how you fit into an XL-sized condom. Can you fill it for me? Or do you belong in one of these: a pink, sissy-sized condom?..." 14 emasculating minutes

Goddess Vika, cock comparison, small penis humiliation, SPH, JOI, jerk off taunts...
Jul 22 2018
You Belong in Voluntary Chastity for Unattainable Princess Ashleigh

"Since we both know you'll never be worthy of a goddess like me, there's only one thing for you to do: snap your useless little manhood into a chastity tube, lock it shut tight, and beg me to take the key. This is the only way that I will ever pay attention to rejects, virgins and wussies like you. Voluntary chastity for Ashleigh..." 4 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, chastity ultimatum, reject humiliation, virgin taunting...
Jul 18 2018
Princess Becky Trains You to Swallow Cum on Command

"Being a cuckold means swallowing more than just your masculine pride. If you're so pathetic that your woman has to fuck another man, a real man, so she can have pleasure? Then you deserve to be humiliated. To the extreme. You're going to lick his cum from a dog dish -- and swallow it. Because Becky says so..." 12 minutes

Princess Becky, cuckold humiliation, CEI, cum eating instructions, puppy training...
Jul 15 2018
You Are Princess Tiffani's Stupid Sissy Stocking Slave

"You'd love to steal a feel of my impossibly silky-soft stockings. The stockings I wear when I fuck my boyfriend. You'd love to sniff them and caress them, wouldn't you, sneaky naughty sissy. Well. I'm going to take my dirty stockings and I'm going to use them to punish and humiliate you, silly stocking slave..." 7 minutes

Princess Tiffani, stocking slave, punishment assignment, sissy humiliation...
Jul 11 2018
Devilish Luna Strip-Teases You into Being Her Pathetic Little Piglet

"I love destroying your feeble defenses. It turns me on to break you down and watch you weaken and succumb to me, against your better will. I'm going to twist you around my wicked finger only to turn you into my pathetic little piglet. And leave you limp and flaccid in a puddle of your filthy pigsnot..." 12 minutes

Princess Brooke, cock teasing, humiliated loser, cum taunting...
Jul 7 2018
Princess Brooke Wants to Hear You to Beg and Plead for Her

"You know why I wore this outfit you bought me? To tease and torment your little cock. I want you to drop to your knees. And worship my feet. Kiss my ass. And drool and beg and plead for me, beg to cum for me. Go ahead. I want to hear you beg. Get creative. Who knows? Maybe I'll take pity and let you cum for me..." 6 minutes

Princess Brooke, cock teasing, humiliated loser, cum taunting...
Jul 3 2018
Goddess Tessa Destroys Your Date and Sissy Shames You

"I heard you have a date. You must have pulled off quite a charade to trick her into thinking you're a man. Well, I found your date on social media I told her the truth about you. The frilly, lacy, shameful truth. So instead of dating you? I talked her into having you serve as her sissy, while she goes out with a real man..." 7 minutes

Goddess Tessa, humiliating confession, sissy servitude...
Jun 30 2018
Princess Remi Lets You Worship Her Feet After Her Hard Workout

"I just got back from a killer workout at the gym. My body is glistening and my feet are sweaty and dirty. Perfect for smearing all over your face and sticking down your throat. So get on your knees and open your mouth. If you do a really good job as my foot slave? Maybe I'll let you cum for me..." 7 minutes

Princess Remi, gym goddess, bitch boy, foot worship and denial...
Jun 23 2018
Miss Kendra Will Release You From Chastity If You Violate Yourself

"You've been in chastity for so long I bet you'd do anything to get out. Beg. Plead. Humiliate yourself, right in front of me. I'll consider unlocking you. But you've got to do something truly degrading to yourself. Put on some sissy panties. Grind on a butt plug. Suck a cock? See if you can impress me to win your release.." 14 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, keyholding, chastity challenge, sissy humiliation...
Jun 16 2018
Princess Trina Tells Her Friend Sasha What a Total Loser You Are

"I told my girlfriend Sasha about this little-dick loser I know who has a weakness for mean girls. She laughed and didn't believe me. So I'm inviting you to come over to kiss our toes before we go out to the clubs tonite. You know you want to, jerky-pants. Be warned: Sasha is meaner than I am. LOL @ U..." 5 minutes

Introducing Princess Sasha, Princess Trina, tease & denial, jerk taunts...
Jun 9 2018
Amazon Goddess Vika Crushes Your Pathetic Little Package

"Let's have a 'cockfight,' shall we? Let's put your sputtering cock and balls up against my size 10 shoe -- with its seven-inch stiletto heel. If you can still get a puny penis erection after what I'm going to do to you? After I smush your balls and stub your cock into the carpet like a smoldering cigarette? I'll let you try to cum..." 14 minutes

Russian Goddess Vika, CBT, foot worship, shoe fetish, high heel humiliation...
Jun 5 2018
Bikini Goddess Ashleigh Gives You (Purple, Pink &) Blueballs

"Since I've got you tightly confined in your chastity cage, I thought I'd enjoy the pleasure of modeling my bikinis in front of you. In purple, pink and blue. Can you guess why I chose those colors? Think hard, dumb-dumb, while you're getting down on your knees. See if you can contain your drooling and whimpering..." 5 minutes

Bikini Goddess Ashleigh, ass worship, laughing at your distress...
Jun 1 2018
Sadistic Becky Prepares You to Get Fucked Like a Sissy Bimbo

"I'm getting ready for a date. I'm not going out with you, wussy. But don't cry. I made YOU a date too. With my friend Brad. I'm going to doll you up in something pink and feminine just like me. Panties. Lingerie. And then you're going to practice taking a cock, until I'm satisfied that you can satisfy Brad and his 11-inch cock.." 12 minutes

Princess Becky, sadistic sex lesson, sissy training, sissy bimbo cock slut...
May 27 2018
Tiffani Destroys You for Being a Humiliatrix-Addicted Jerk Off

"Oh my god. Are you on AGAIN? Getting ready to jerk your pathetic little pecker? In your filthy, smelly pig pen? Eeew. You can jerk your disgusting little dick to THIS: Me, looking you straight in the eye, telling you exactly how disgusting you are. You can jerk out the pig snot to THAT..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, caught jerking, verbal annihilation, disgust, j/o encouragement...
May 23 2018
Tessa Puts You in Panties to Celebrate Her Engagement to Your Rival

"Your rival proposed marriage to me. And I accepted. Look at the size of my engagement ring! Aren't you thrilled for me? To celebrate, I'm wearing this sexy lingerie for him tonight. Oh, don't pout. You can't be my boyfriend but you can still be my sissy. In fact, I got you these cute panties to wear for me..." 4 minutes

Goddess Tessa, alpha male rival, panty humiliation, cuckold training...
May 19 2018
Russian Goddess Vika Degrades You as Her Cum-Swallowing Sissy

"How pathetic you are. Your weakness makes me want to strip you of your masculinity completely. I'm going to degrade you into sissy maid submission to me. Your punishment begins with these: a sissy maid uniform, an extra-wide butt plug and my Russian boyfriend's overflowing condoms..." 15 minutes

Goddess Vika, sissy maid emasculation, butt plug, condom clean-up humiliation...
May 15 2018
How You Became Princess Remi's Panty-Creaming Wussy for Life

"Do you remember that night I seduced you, played you and humiliated you? I'll bet it scarred you for life. I'll bet it's impossible for you to cum like a man after what I did to you. I still laugh about it with my sorority sisters. What's funniest of all? I bet you'd secretly love it if I did it to you all over again..." 7 minutes

Princess Remi, seduce and humiliate, loser destruction, jerkaholic...
May 12 2018
Beg to Kiss Princess Ashleigh's Ass as She Gives You the Finger

"I'm going to give you the chance to kiss my perfect princess ass. But you have to degrade yourself completely for me to consider it. While you're degrading yourself and drooling over my ass cheeks? You can pick a finger for me to humiliate you with: my middle finger or the one that's the size of your cock: my little pinky..." 4 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, goddess ass worship, tease & denial, middle finger, jerk taunt...
May 8 2018
Mistress Kendra Makes You Jizz Your Face and Swallow Your Slime

"The good news? Mistress is going to allow you to cum. The bad news? You're going arch your hips like the sissy bitch in heat you are. Then you're going to point that festering pimple of yours straight down your throat. As I degrade and destroy you. Until I command you to jerk that sissy slime all over your face..." 9 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, cum facial, jerk-off commands, sissy self-bukkake, CEI...
May 1 2018
Cum Commander Becky Rips You for Being a Pillow-Humping Wussy

"You are nothing but a pathetic, thumb-sucking, pillow-humping, mama's boy, sissy-wussy of wimp. And now you are going to prove it to Cum Commander Becky. You are going to whip out that worthless little wimp stick of yours and hump and bump until you spooge your pussy pillow with wussy cream for Becky..." 6 minutes

Cum Commander Becky, pillow humping, mamas boy, jerk-off taunting...
April 25 2018
Princess Tiffani Locks You into Chastity for the Rest of Your Life

"I've considered your marriage proposal. And I have an answer that might shock you: YES. I, Princess Tiffani, agree to be your wife, if you agree, in writing, to yield control of all your finances over to me and live as my cock-locked, chastity slave cuckold. That's right. If you want to get engaged, you have to wear the cage..." 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, male chastity, cocklocking, findom, cuckolded fiancee...
April 21 2018
Princess Remi Turns You from Her Boss into Her Office Puppet

"As your new employee, I took the initiative to do a 'data mining' project. Inside your pants. I've been probing my way deep inside you to tease out all your worst weaknesses. Now that I know your filthiest secrets? I'm going to use them. Against you. To compromise you. And control you..." 8 minutes

Princess Remi, office humiliation, stocking slave, j/o commands, tease and denial...
April 17 2018
Goddess Tessa Loves to Watch You Being Humiliated

"I told my new man about you. To set him off. On purpose. To see if you'd stand up to him or back down to him, like a scared little sissy. He's coming over right now. So. Are you going to try to impress me? Or would you prefer to put on these panties and crawl to the door. To beg him not to humiliate you right in front of me..." 5 minutes

Goddess Tessa, sissy test, cuckold humiliation, spanking, new man of the house...
April 13 2018
Goddess Vika Prepares You to Fly in Cargo as Her Crated Pet

"Did you purchase the first class plane tickets for my friend Ivanka and me? Good. You'll be flying in cargo, in a crate, naked, as my caged pet. The only thing you'll have for food or drink on the flight to Russia is a dog bowl filled with your own cum. So beg me to jerk into your dog dish. Maybe I'll be kind and let you fill it..." 13 minutes

Goddess Vika, crating punishment, pet humiliation, jerk instructions, cum eating...
April 9 2018
Princess Trina-Titty Teases You into Total Submission to Her

"You can't stop drooling over my massive tits, can you? Tell you what. Let's play a game. It's called "If you show me yours, I'll show you mine." If you can get me excited by your cock? I'll undo my bra and smother you in my big beautful tits. But if you're tiny where it counts? I'm only gonna humiliate you. Ready to play...?" 3 minutes

Princess Trina, titty tease, big boob worship, SPH, tease and denial...
April 5 2018
Princess Ashleigh Turns You into Her Pet Piglette in Pink Panties

"I'm a Princess and you are nothing but a dirty little pig. If you want to worship me? You're going to do it as my pet pig, grunting and oinking for Ashleigh on all fours. Also, I prefer you as a girly pig, a piglette, which means you're going to wear tight pink panties to prevent your filthy pigtail from stiffening and squirting..." 6 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, piggy humiliation, goddess worship, sissy panties...
April 1 2018
You Will Suck and Swallow for Your Failures as Vika's Cuck Slave

"Your instructions could not have been clearer. You were to spend the day cleaning my master bath while I drain your credit card on heels and lingerie to seduce my Russian stud boyfriend. But like the weak western imbecile you are, you failed your Goddess. Miserably. Now I'm going to teach you a humiliating lesson..." 9 minutes

Goddess Vika, sissy slave, strap-on humiliation, cocksucking, cum swallowing...
Mar 27 2018
Princess Becky Compares Your Lil Pink Pecker to a Big Black Cock

"Some cocks were made for fucking and other were made for cucking. Don't you agree? Why don't you unzip and present for Princess Becky, so I can see upclose exactly what kind of man YOU are. If you can make that little pink pigtail stiff and throbbing for me, maybe I won't treat you like a sissy cuck bitch boy..." 12 minutes

Princess Becky, cruel cock comparison, SPH, emasculation, cocksucking...
Mar 23 2018
You Are Plugged, Pantied and Punished by Princess Tiffani

"I don't like your sassy attitude. So I've decided to send you to work in a very special uniform. I'm going to plug you, panty you and punish you. You're going to perform for me in your cute little punishment outfit. Until I give you the cum command. Ready to cream your punishment panties for Princess Tiffani?" 7 minutes

Princess Tiffani, punishment assignment, plugging, panty cummies...
Mar 19 2018
Mistress Kendra Makes You Cum Like A Cock-Craving Nymphette

"I'm going to get you tipsy on fruity cocktails, dress you up in lingerie, paint your lips and get you gossiping about cute boys. Once I soften you up with panties and frills, you're going to confess: Confess your craving for cock as you slide a big thick dildo in and out of your sissy slit until you cum for Mistress Kendra..." 12 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, sissy encouragement, cock lust, fucktoy training...
Mar 15 2018
Sadistic Remi Edges You Until You Are Crying Pre-Cum Tears

"Only a 100 percent wussy would wear a chastity cage. You deserve to be punished and humiliated for being such a pathetic little pussy. I'm going to tease, torment and deny you, until your chastity cage is slathered in pre-cum. Until you are broken and sobbing all over Princess Remi's sexy high heels..." 10 minutes

Princess Remi, chastity torment, foot tease, titty taunting, verbal beatdown...
Mar 11 2018
Ashleigh Hires You to Be Her Pantied, Heel-Sucking Office Sissy

"I'm expanding my Princess Ashleigh Empire and to do so, I need you to quit your job to become my panty-wearing, heel-sucking office sissy. Your place will be under my desk to serve my every whim. Your benefits include being in the presence of a Goddess and being humiliated for my amusement..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, dominant boss, under desk, panties, foot worship...
Mar 7 2018
Tessa Tests Your Manhood: Are You a Stud or a Pathetic Sissy Loser

"Every once in a while I like to test your manhood, just to humiliate you. I put on this lingerie and brought you into my bedroom to give you the chance to seduce me. So. What are you going to do? Are you going to make me wet? Or are you going to make me laugh at what a feeble, fumbling, floudering sissy loser you are?..." 6 minutes

Goddess Tessa, manhood test, severe verbal humiliation, sissy emsculation...
Mar 3 2018
Vika Seduces You into Swallowing a Pink "Male Enhancement" Pill

"What if I told you I can make your cock as big and hard and attractive to me as Russian cock? See this little pink pill? Think of it as the Russian version of that purple male enhancement pill you like so much. Swallow it for Vika. And I will let you do anything you desire in bed with me. Go ahead. Don't be afraid..." 15 minutes

Goddess Vika, pink pill, male emasculation pill, impotent wussy, panty humiliation...
Feb 28 2018
Princess Tiffani Transforms You into a Real-Life Sissy Bimbo Doll

"It's time for Princess Tiffani to strip you of your flimsy masculine pretensions and transform you into a sissy bimbo doll. After I'm done with you, you're going to be the perfect sissy bimbo, ready to go on a real date as a girly-girl. In full makeup, feminine lingerie, stiletto heels. With dainty deportment and dick-sucking lips..." 10 minutes

Princess Tiffani, sissy bimbo transformation, makeup, lingerie, cocksucking...
Feb 24 2018
Becky Cucky-Fucks Your Rival and Makes You Swallow His Cum

"I went out with my girls tonite. Saw your rivals at the club. You know who. The ones who make you feel two inches tall. The guy you hate the most seduced me. Fingered my pussy. Got me filthy wet. We fucked four times. In between I told him the truth about you. For laughs. Now you're going to sniff my panties and..." 9 minutes

Princess Becky, cuckold punishment, panty sniffing, cum swallowing...
Feb 20 2018
Are You Pathetic Enough to Worship Princess Bella's Feet?

"Some of my new Princess friends at Humiliatrix were telling me that the best foot-worshipers are guys with little cocks and low self-esteem. Guys like you. So I thought I'd give you a shot a being my foot slave. You can worship my feet while I decide who I'm gonna hook up with tonight..." 5 minutes

Princess Bella, foot slave humiliation, cucked while kissing feet...
Feb 16 2018
Princess Remi Drains You Dry and Depletes You for Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day is coming up fast. And you've got a decision to make. You can save it all for HER. Or you can unzip for me, Princess Remi. But be warned. I'm going to emasculate and humiliate and destroy you before I make you jerk your worthless cock dry. For me. For Valentine's Day. None for her. All for Remi..." 8 minutes

Princess Remi, draining you dry, none for her, loser jerk-off instructions...
Feb 12 2018
Goddess Vika Gives Her Foot Slave a Nine-and-a-Half Inch Reward

"You do such an enthusiastic job of worshiping my size 9.5 amazon goddess feet, of sucking my toes, of deep-throating my heels, I decided to give you an appropriate reward. I'm going to let you suck this 9.5 inch cock for me. Like it or not. Because what you really want is to suck cock for Goddess Vika. For REAL..." 11 minutes

Amazon Goddess Vika, foot worship, coaxed into cocksucking...
Feb 8 2018
Ashleigh Turns You from a Potential Prince into an Ass-Kissing Toad

"You can't resist my perfect ass. You want to crawl on your hands and knees to kiss it. Don't you. Even though you know that kissing my ass will destroy any last chance of me ever taking you seriously as a man. Even though it's only going to make me humiliate you worse. You're going to kiss it anyway. Aren't you..." 3 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, goddess worship, ass kissing, loser degradation...
Feb 4 2018
You Will Lock Yourself into Voluntary Chastity for Goddess Tessa

"Whether you're a sissy, a loser, a dork, a reject, a mama's boy, a virgin, or, as I suspect, all of the above, you belong in an emasculating chastity cage. That's the only way you will ever be allowed in the presence of a Goddess like me. You'll wear it because you know you deserve it -- because Goddess Tessa says so..." 8 minutes

Goddess Tessa, loser ridicule, male chastity punishment, tease and denial...
Jan 31 2018
Mistress Kendra's 'Two-Finger Tutorial' for Loser Boys with Tiny Toys

"Are you undersized? Is your penis tiny, scrawny, or simply completely inadequate? Are you ashamed of how feeble you are? Well, little man. It's time for you to unzip for Mistress Kendra. I'm going to show you how to jerk that pathetic little peanut. By the time I'm done emasculating you? You might shrink another half inch..." 12 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, extreme SPH, emasculating jerk-off commands...
Jan 27 2018
Princess Tiffani Cuckolds You in the Office with Your Rival's Cum

"You know that business rival of yours, the guy who makes you seethe with jealousy? I just fucked him, right here in your office. His alpha male cock is sooo much bigger and better than yours. And you know what you're gonna do about it? You're gonna swallow his cumload and then wussy-jerk into his dirty condom..." 7 minutes

Princess Tiffani, office humiliation, cuckold punishment, cum swallowing, JOI...
Jan 23 2018
How Devilish Becky Turned You into Her Sissy Chastity Slave

"You know why you're wearing that tight pink chastity cage right now? Because I seduced your hot little girlfriend. That's right. I teased her pussy and made her cum, better than you ever could. Then I talked her into locking up your cock, to turn you into our sissy slave. Yep. I fucked her. And now she and I are gonna..." 9 minutes

Princess Becky, cuckolded by a lesbian domme, sissy chastity wussy...
Jan 19 2018
Princess Trina Thinks You're a Premature Ejaculating Loser Wimp

"I know you have a secret little crush me, because I am all woman. Look at me. My huge breasts, my wide hips, my powerful legs. So, do you think you could please a real woman like me? I doubt it. I'll bet you couldn't even last your way through a five minute tease session without cumming in your undies..." 4 minutes

Princess Trina, wussy seduction, tease and humiliation, cuckold consequnces...
Jan 15 2018
Princess Luna Striptease-Seduces You into Sucking Cock for Her

"I'm going to seduce you with a striptease until your little cock is aching and throbbing, until you'd do ANYTHING for me. Silly sissy. After I seduce you into thinking I'm gonna suck your little dick? I'm turning the tables on you, completely. Until YOU are the one sucking dick. For me..." 17 minutes DOUBLE SESSION

Princess Luna, striptease seduction, role reversal, cocksucking sissy bait...
Jan 11 2018
Sheer Obsession: Princess Ashleigh Deepens Your Addiction to Her

"All I need to do is flaunt my legs in your face in this pair of seamed stockings to send you into an even more desperate state of obsession with me. I love the look of agony on your face as I smooth my stockings and smirk at you. You are nothing but a pathetic little drool puddle for Princess Ashleigh. Aren't you..." 4 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, cockteasing, leg worship, desperate loser, pantyhose slave...
Jan 7 2018
Russian Tennis Goddess Vika Lets You Worship Her Pits and Pussy

"What a filthy little creep you are. Screen-capping my tennis matches so you can jerk your runt dick as you dream of sniffing my pussy, worshiping my ass, and being used as my armpit sweat rag. You disgust me. I'm going to spit in your mouth and degrade you as you jerk your worthless cock raw for me..." 15 minutes DOUBLE SESSION

Goddess Vika, tennis starlet fetish, body worship, loser abuse, jerk-off commands...
Jan 3 2018
Your Sexy Step-Domme Kendra Teases, Shames and Denies You

"Don't try to hide that silly little bump in your pajama bottoms. I know the truth. You have a secret shameful crush on your beautiful step-dommy. How ridiculous you are, little man. You know you'll never make it into the big bed with me. But you can still dream -- as you rub your sad little nub in frustration for me..." 9 minutes

Miss Kendra James, taboo teasing, SPH, big bed emasculation, denial...
Dec 30 2017
On Your Knees So Sadistic Goddess Tessa Can Belittle You

"It's time for me to take you down a few pegs and remind you of your place in my life. You're going to look me in the eye as I belittle and emasulate you. Then you're going to kiss my toes and worship my heels in thanks as I make plans on the phone with your alpha male superior...." Includes a real-life humiliation assignment... 9 minutes

Goddess Tessa, emasculation, cuckold comparison, upskirt tease, foot worship...
Dec 26 2017
Princess Remi Makes Blubber Boys Like You Swallow Your Cum

"Look at you. You smelly, scuzzy, flabby tub of blubber. Pulling that pork sausage between your legs as you drool over Princess Remi. I want you to get even more disgusting for me. After I get done humiliating your filthy lard ass, you're gonna take that glob of goo in your fat fist and guzzle it down for me..." 9 minutes

Princess Remi, fat fuck humiliation, verbal annihilation, cum eating instructions...
Dec 23 2017
Princess Tiffani Humiliates You for Being a Sneaky Panty Sissy

"I know your little secret! You're a sneaky panty sissy. You like to linger in lingerie stores and fondle the silky frilly panties. Little panty man. And unless you want me to expose your embarrassing secret? You're going to make me a humiliation video of yourself for me, prancing and preening around in your panties..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, panty sissy, humiliation assignment...
Dec 20 2017
Princess Becky Teases and Trains You to Be Her Pathetic Little Pet

"Do I like you better as my puppy or my piggy? I'm not sure yet. One thing is for sure. You're going to be Becky's little pet. My submissive playtoy. For training and teasing. For playtime and punishment. And I plan on punishing you ALL the time. Whenever you're naughty. Or whenever your sexy owner feels like it..." 12 minutes

Princess Becky, obedience training, male chastity, cockteasing, punishments...
Dec 17 2017
You are Princess Ashleigh's Leg Humping Chastity Wimp

"I've broken you down so badly at this point, I'm eager to see just how completely I've destroyed you. Here's the deal. I put on these hose and heels just to tease you into total desperation. Until you're begging to hump my leg. Even though you know I will never let you out of chastity. Ready to degrade yourself for Ashleigh?..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, pantyhose tease, leg worship, chastity humiliation...
Dec 14 2017
Princess Bella Points and Laughs at Your Tiny Loser Pecker

"I'd heard from the other Princesses at Humiliatrix that you're ashamed of your ugly little pecker. But, like, how bad could it be? I really want to see it. I promise not to bust out laughing -- unless it's super funny-looking and pathetic. So, come on. Unzip for Princess Bella and show me what you've got..." 5 minutes

Princess Bella, cockteasing, small penis humiliation, SPH, point and laugh...
Dec 11 2017
Russian Goddess Vika Makes Feeble Wussies Like You Suck Cock

"Do you dare compare your feeble little pecker to the big thick cock of my Russian boyfriend? You best get on your knees like the inferior sissy bimbo you are, to demonstrate you know your place. With my massive Russian-size strap-on cock shoved all the way down your wimp bitch throat. Now..." 9 minutes

Goddess Vika, cock comparison, SPH, emasculation, cocksucking humiliation...
Dec 8 2017
Dominant Boss Tessa Turns You into Her Office Lipstick Slave

"I see what it does to you when you watch me gloss my lips. I'm going to use your weakness to turn the tables on you, and turn you into my office lipstick slave. Soon it will be you who is wearing the lipgloss -- and crawling on your knees, ready to service my alpha male clients, in any way Tessa tells you to..." 9 minutes

Goddess Tessa, office humiliation, dominant boss, lip fetish, role reversal...
Dec 5 2017
Your Chastity Torment Session with Leg Goddess Kendra James

"Nothing is more enjoyable for me than to stroke your helplesly caged cock with my silky legs and teasing toes, knowing that you can't cum. I'm going to give you the most exquisite foot job of your worthless life, just for the pleasure of putting you into a state of absolute agony..." 10 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, leg goddess, foot job in chastity, tease and total denial...
Dec 2 2017
Lusty Princess Trina Destroys Your Date with Her Massive Breasts

"Well lookie here. I heard little man's got a date. With a real-life woman instead of your sweaty little palm. Have you been saving up all your pig snot for her? Does she have big lusty boobs like I do? Because, after I get through titty-teasing you? You're not gonna have a drop of cum left. All for Princess Trina, none for her...." 5 minutes

Introducing Princess Trina, bedroom seduction, titty teasing, jerk off commands...
Nov 30 2017
Why You Will Always Be a Last Place Loser to Princess Ashleigh

"I'm going to look you straight in the eye to put you completely in your place: last place, loser. I'm going to spell out for you why you will never have a chance with me, and why my new boyfriend is completely superior to you, as you sit there and drool pathetically over my perfection. Have you no self-respect at all?..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, loser emasculation, alpha male comparison...
Nov 26 2017
Your 'Girls Nite In' Sissy Humiliation Session with Evil Princess Remi

"I have a fun idea. Let's have a girls nite in. Just you and me, sissy. You're going to make us a big blender full of sweet boozy cocktails. Once I get you good and tipsy, I'm going to break down all your flimsy boy-boundaries and get you to do the most humiliating things to yourself. As I goad you on and giggle at you..." 8 minutes

Princess Remi, lingerie, boundary breaking, sissy seduction, vibrator violation...
Nov 22 2017
Russian Goddess Vika Mercilessly Torments Your Caged Cock

"What a joke of a man you are. Willing to betray your country, all because of my ice cold Slavic beauty. The very first time I locked eyes with you, with my penetrating Siberian gaze, the chastity cage snapped shut around your laughable little cock. Didn't it. weakling? You wear it willingly. For your Russian Goddess...." 8 minutes

Goddess Vika, helpless chastity slave, weakling humiliation, merciless teasing...
Nov 18 2017
Princess Becky Petticoats You in Panties to Suck and Swallow

"Put on your sexiest panties for Princess Becky. We're going out to the clubs. I'm gonna hit the dance floor to tease gangsta cock until I find a sexy macho hookup -- for you! You're going to serve as my submissive cum-swallowing slut. In your panties, with pink lips, on your knees, in the boys' room for Becky...." 8 minutes

Princess Becky, panty punishment, cocksucking training, cum swallowing...
Nov 14 2017
You Will Make 'Sissy Fuck Face' All Nite Long for Princess Tiffani

"I want you up all nite tonite watching my hundreds of Humiliatrix videos. And when you reach the point where I start pointing and laughing at you? I want you to raise your hips and point your pecker in your face. Just like this. You're gonna make creamy gooey spoogy sissy fuck face for Princess Tiffani. All nite long..." 4 minutes

Princess Tiffani, sissy humiliation, jerk taunting, point and laugh, cum commands...
Nov 10 2017
Are You Worthy to Worship Bratty Princess Brooke's Perfect Ass?

"Just imagine what it would be like for you to beg between my perfect butt cheeks. Why don't you start at my ankle socks and worship your way up my legs until you reach my beautiful booty. If you degrade yourself suffifiently for my amusement, maybe I'll flip up my plaid skirt and give you a taste of loser paradise..." 5 minutes

Princess Brooke, bratty humiliation, loser taunting, ass worship, tease and denial...
Nov 6 2017
Princess Ashleigh Transforms You into Her Perfect Panty Sissy

"I've decided to strip you of the last your masculinity and transform you into something for my amusement: my perfect panty sissy. I'm curious to see how far I can break your boy-boundaries: lipstick, long nails... Maybe I'll even set you up with a boyfriend. It all begins when I seduce you into these sissy panties..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, panty seduction, transformation, gay baiting, sissy humiliation...
Nov 2 2017
Sadistic Becky and Bella Torment Your Tiny Caged Cock

"It's time for you to put your pathetic little penis on display for your princesses, so we can flick it, tickle it and tease it, until you are ready to explode in your pink penis prison. We're going to use all your weaknesses to make you suffer for us -- as we point and you and laugh at your despair. HA HA!..." 9 minutes

Princess Becky, Princess Bella, male chastity, SPH, cockteasing, point and laugh...
Oct 29 2017
Princess Remi Trains You to Be Her Obedient Bedroom Puppy

"I'm going to bring you into my bedroom. But don't get too excited. You'll be at the foot of my bed. Because I'm going to treat you and train you like the pathetic little puppy you are. You're going to learn to obey all my humiliating commands, no matter how filthy and degrading. Aren't you my little pet..." 8 minutes

Princess Remi, obedience training, bedroom humiliation, cum eating...
Oct 24 2017
Mistress Kendra James Prepares You for a Punishment Fucking

"You've been asking for an attitude adjustment, my little bitch boy. So tonight, I am going to pin you down and fuck the sissy panties right off of you. Mercilessly. And you're going to look me straight in the eye when I strip those panties down and slide my strap-on cock all the way up inside you..." 10 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, punishment fucking, sissy humiliation...
Oct 19 2017
Amazon Goddess Vika Makes You Spit Out the "Loser Truth Serum"

"There is simply nothing impressive or attractive about you. You are a big fat zero. And you know it. The very best that a loser like you can hope for is that a Goddess like me might take the time to mock you, degrade you, and destroy your feeble little ego -- while you tug on your ridiculous little cock..." 9 minutes

Goddess Vika, loser annihilation, mocking your cock, jerkoff commands...
Oct 14 2017
Stunning Princess Tessa Paints Her Luscious Lips to Humiliate You

"You love to watch me gloss my luscious lips, even though it's for my boyfriend and definitely not for you. Does it humiliate you to know what I'm going to do for him with my juicy lips? Are you seething with jealousy? Maybe I need to emasculate you even further, to put you in your loser place..." 9 minutes

Princess Tessa, tease and denial, lip fetish, cuckold emasculation, sissification...
Oct 9 2017
Mean Princess Tiffani Spits on Worthless Little Dicks Like Yours

"Let's have a little talk -- a VERY little talk -- on what girls like me think about pathetic, useless, worthless dicks like yours. You're going to unzip for me, so I can flick and spit on your sad little boner. Then you're going to look me straight in the eye so I can laugh in your face and tell you exactly how pathetic you are..." 5 minutes

Princess Tiffani, small penis humiliation, SPH, spitting, laughing, loser rejection...
Oct 5 2017
Sadistic Princess Remi Degrades You with Her Dirty Socks

"I just finished a hard workout and I want you to worship my sweaty feet. But first? My dirty socks need to come off. I'm going to shove my first sweaty sock into your mouth. Then I'm going to take my other sock and tie it tight around your desparate dick and balls... There. Now you're ready to be my foot slave...." 9 minutes

Princess Remi, foot slave, sock humiliation, princess worship, degradation...
Oct 1 2017
Bossy Princess Becky Coerces Your Cocksucking Confession

"I know you're a closeted sissy. It's obvious. I know you secretly want a big thick cock down your throat. But you won't admit it. You need Bossy Princess Becky to pry your mouth open and bully you with my massive strap-on, until you're ready to choke out your confession. It's time for your face-fucking, little fibber..." 14 minutes

Princess Becky, cocksucking confession, j/o commands, sissy sucking...
Sep 26 2017
You Will Always Be Cuckolded in Chastity for Princess Ashleigh

"It's time to reinforce the rules of our relationship. You will NEVER be my boyfriend and you will ALWAYS be in chastity for me. Is that clear to you? Or do I need to use my beauty to weaken you, humiliate you, and enslave you into an even deeper state of helpless obedience to me -- and my every sadistic whim?..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, chastity torment, SPH, bedroom humiliation, call and response...
Sep 21 2017
Mistress Kendra Treats You Like the Pathetic Foot Puppy You Are

"Here puppy-puppy! That's right, you know what you are. You are nothing more than a groveling, toe-kissing, heel-sucking puppy for Mistress Kendra. That is exactly how I am going to treat you. And you're going to prove me right by begging to make the puppy squirts into your doggie dish for your Leg Goddess..." 8 minutes

Mistress Kendra, leg goddess, foot weakness, puppy scolding, cum command...
Sep 17 2017
Goddess Vika Uses Panties to Weaken You into Submission to Her

"I know a secret about you. A very embarrassing secret. Panties make you helplessly weak. Goddess Vika is going to use your panty weakness to humiliate you into total submission. To me. So, come on. Time to slide your panites over your tiny little cock for Goddess Vika..." 10 minutes ... Includes a real-life humiliation assignment

Goddess Vika, panty seduction, sissy humiliation, punishment assignment...
Sep 13 2017
Your Ultimate Sissy Humiliation Session with Mean Girl Remi

"When I wedge this thick pink cock between your trembling lips, your legs are gonna turn to jelly. After you lube my vibrating dildo, I'm gonna shove it inside your panty crotch to make you cum. And then? Once my cock is dripping with your drool and cum? I'm going to pull your panties down and punish you with it. Hard... 6 minutes

Princess Remi, sadistic mean girl, total emasculation, panty cumming, pegging...
Sep 9 2017
Princess Tiffani's Spike Heels: Your Gateway Drug to Cocksucking

"I know what the sight of my sexy feet in spike heels does to you. You want to kiss them, lick them, and suck those heels, don't you? Well, once I get you completely addicted to deep-throating my stilettos? I've got you just where I want you: on your knees, ready to suck cock for Princess Tiffani. For real... 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, toe tease, foot seduction, heel worship, cocksucking lesson...
Sep 5 2017
Your Cruel Boss Tessa Petticoats You in Sissy Panties

"There are two kinds of men: alpha bulls and sissy cucks. We both know very well which one you are. Since you can't get the job done in the bedroom like a man, you're going to wear panties to work. Sissy panties. Because your dominant boss Tessa says so..." Includes a real-life humiliation assignment from Tessa. 11 minutes

Goddess Tessa, panty emasculation, office humiliation assignment, foot worship...
Aug 25 2017
Princess Becky Locks You in Chastity to Fuck You with Her Strap-on

"I'm going to lock your sputtering little package into this hard plastic chastity cage. Then I'm going to give you a good hard fucking with my strap-on. If you cream your chastity cage while I'm fucking you? I'll know you're nothing but a dickless sissy bitch cockslut. Ready to be Princess Becky's cocklocked fuckbrat?..." 11 minutes

Princess Becky, punishment fucking, predicament orgasm, male chastity, strap-on...
Aug 22 2017
Mean Girl Ashleigh Slaps You Firmly Back in Your Loser Place

"I'm getting together for drinks with my girlfriends from school, the mean girls, the alpha girls, your tormenters for life. And guess what? I want you to tag along. So that we can ignore you, abuse you and laugh at you, until we destroy you all over again and put you completely back in your loser place -- where you belong..." 5 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, loser abuse, mean girl worship, call and response...
Aug 19 2017
Princess Remi Trains You to Be a Submissive Cuckold Wimp

"The best someone like you could ever hope for in life is to be a pussy-licking, sloppy-seconds swallowing after-thought of a man. So to prepare you for that life of cum slurping and jerk-begging? I'm going to fuck your boss and then rub your face in it like the cucked-up bitch boy you were destined to be..." 8 minutes

Princess Remi, humiliated husband practice, cuckolding, wussy training...
Aug 15 2017
Goddess Vika Demotes You and Destroys Your Feeble Manhood

"Not only did you fail to get the promotion, I'm your supervisor now. I seduced the big boss to get the job you thought was yours. You can quit, of course. I'm sure this is incredibly emasculating for you. But if you want to keep your job? You're going to swallow every last drop of your humiliation. Right now..." 12 minutes

Goddess Vika, female boss, office humiliation, foot worship, cum swallowing...
Aug 11 2017
Goddess Tessa Puppy-Trains You to Become Her Shopping Slave

"I love how extra-obedient you are when I have you in chastity. Wouldn't it be fun to take me shopping for teensy dresses and sky-high heels while your cage is locked super tight? Would puppy like that? Maybe I'll release puppy if you obey all my commands..." 7 minutes, with a real-life humiliation assignment from Tessa

Goddess Tessa, shopping slave, puppy training, chastity, tease and denial...
Aug 8 2017
Your Dominant Boss Kendra Locks You into Cuckold Chastity

"I know your little cock has been throbbing for me since I hired you. Now that we're on this business trip, your imagination is running wild. So, why don't I just FLICK your fantasies down to size and SNAP you into this chastity cage. Then you can begin your work for me: preparing me for my lovers..." 12 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, dominant boss, business trip cuckold, chastity humiliation...
Aug 4 2017
Princess Becky's BFF Bella Busts Out Laughing at Your Little Pecker

"I told my girlfriend Bella that you have one of the most laughable little peckers I have ever seen. That it's all weird and gross and funny looking. Bella doesn't believe me! She wants to see it for herself. We're gonna put on bikinis so at least your baby dick will be hard when you unzip for us. Ready to show Bella your boner?..." 11 minutes

Princess Becky, Princess Bella, SPH, tiny cock reveal, point and laugh at you...
Aug 1 2017
Watch Princess Ashleigh Gloss Her Pouty Lips - for Her Boyfriend

"Is your chastity cage on extra tight? Good. Because I've decided to give you a very special treat. I'm going to let you watch me take my lipgloss and make my lips all wet and juicy... for my boyfriend! Isn't that awesome of me? I'm so good to you. You can crawl behind me and watch me from below..." 3 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, lip tease, mouth worship, taunting, all for him, laughing at you...
Jul 29 2017
Princess Remi Breaks You Down Til You're Begging to Kiss Her Ass

"You need to be put in your place -- and that is exactly what I am going to do to you. I'm going to stare you in the eye and tell you exactly how pathetic you are until I've got you so broken down and destroyed that you are on your knees, begging to plaster my ass with kisses, you worthless pile of pig snot..." 6 minutes

Princess Remi, verbal dominatrix, loser annihilation, ass kissing, submission...
Jul 26 2017
Princess Tiffani Uses You as Her Fuckfaced Sissy Suck-Brat

"My alpha stud boyfriends love having their massive cocks sucked. And I luv teasing and seducing them, with my Princess Tiffani suck-me lips. Once I tease their cocks super stiff? I'm going to use YOU to finish the job - the blow job. I'm gonna train you to either guzzle their loads or have your face plastered with their cum..." 9 minutes

Princess Tiffani, sissy cocksucker training, strap-on sucking...
Jul 22 2017
Goddess Tessa Takes Charge of Your Online Dating Profile

"You really are ridiculous. I read your online dating profile and it made me laugh. You are nowhere near the man you portray yourself to be. So, I'm taking over your profile. I will describe you, post your pix and I will make your dates for you. FYI, you'll be dating dominant women and sadistic gay men, depending on my mood..." 4 minutes

Goddess Tessa, dating humiliation, putting you in your place, destroying you...
Jul 18 2017
Dr Kendra Coaxes You into Confessing Your Craving for Cock

"If you refuse to admit the obvious truth about yourself to Dr Kendra, I have ways of making you confess your secret. Embarrasing ways. Emasculating ways. It's time for you to stop pretending, so that Dr Kendra can recondition your body and brain to allow you to become the sissy slut you were always meant to be..." 11 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, psychotheraputic humiliation, cock confession...
Jul 15 2017
Princess Becky Coaches You to Have Confidence About Your Cock

"You're obsessed with your penis, aren't you? Afraid that it's too small or funny looking. Afraid of being humiliated and sent home in panties. Well, how bad could it be? Let's pretend I'm your new girlfriend and you're about to show me exactly what you've got down there. Don't be shy. Unzip for Becky..." 10 devastating minutes

Princess Becky, penis reveal, severe emasculation, sadistic SPH, panty humiliation...
Jul 11 2017
You Shall Wear Your Chastity Cage Willingly for Princess Ashleigh

"I know I've got you whipped when you're willing to crawl into your punishment crate like my obedient little puppy. That's when you're completely under my control, to flick and tease and command, effortlessly. I love it. You're broken now, submissive and helpless before my supreme beauty. For me to toy with as I please..." 7 minutes

Princess Ashleigh, chastity seduction, obedience training, fetch for princess...
Jul 8 2017
Princess Tiffani Seduces You into Real-Life Sissy Submission

"Aw, were you hoping Princess Tiffani was gonna taunt and tease you into creaming your sissy wussy panties tonite? No, silly sissy, that's not humiliating enough for you. I'm going to take you deeper into sissy submission. I want you embarrassed and degraded for real. Are you ready for your punishment assignment?...'" 6 minutes

Princess Tiffani, panty humiliation, sissy maid submission, cum swallowing...
Jul 4 2017
Goddess Tessa Wants a Pedicure Sissy: Are You Worthy?

"I keep my feet exquisitely pedicured because I know how weak it makes you. You'd love to be my pedicure slave, wouldn't you? Before you start begging, get down on your knees, at my toe-level, just where I like you. Then you can repeat after me: 'Yes, Goddess Tessa...'" 5 minutes ***JOIN HUMILIATRIX to pay for Tessa's Pedicure

Goddess Tessa, pedicure slave, foot worship, call and response...
Jul 1 2017
A Reward Fit for a Shopping Slave: Princess Remi's Dirty Panties

"After you bought me sexy new outfits all day long, I bet you're ready for your reward. Here: you can have the panties I wore while I mercilessly drained your credit cards. I don't need them, loser. While you're sniffing, licking and jerking into my panties, my boyfriend's gonna be fucking my tight hot pussy all nite long..." 6 minutes

Princess Remi, getting ready, shopping slave humiliation, panty cuck, jerk taunts...
Jun 29 2017
Goddess Vika Depletes Your Laughable Lil Cock with Her Long Legs

"The idea that you and your little cock have a date tonight amuses me. What's going to happen when you unzip for her? Hilarious. But what's even funnier? By the time I'm done destroying your feeble defenses with my long sexy legs? You're going to be depleted. I'm sending you on that date without a even tiny drop of cum..." 14 minutes

Goddess Vika, date destruction, leg worship, SPH, jerk-off commands...
Jun 26 2017
Miss Kendra Prepares the Pathetic Sissy Virgin for Her Strap-on

"You are about to experience the ultimate humiliation: a punishment fucking on the receiving end of my massive strap-on cock. To prepare you for your punishment, I need to break you and train you to take your fucking like an obedient sissy slut. Is it going to hurt? That depends on how much attitude you give me..." 10 minutes

Mistress Kendra James, strap-on preparation, plugging, sucking, fucking...
Jun 22 2017